Poisonous People

I’d like to formally and public announce before anyone else does that Iain Holmes is a poisonous person. In his 30 miserable godforsaken years  on this planet he has failed to live up to many of his promises and claims. In fact, most of them. Nearly all of them. He clearly cannot be trusted at all and you should not rely on him to do anything. At all. Just look at how often he tells people demanding features on metacity’s compositor. Fucking poisonous asshole. If we all shun him then maybe he’ll stop. Its the only way people learn.

3 thoughts on “Poisonous People”

  1. Dude, how does this surprise you? Step 1: put simple compositing manager in metacity, step 2: deal with feature requests that the metacity architecture can’t support for the forseeable future 🙂 There’s a reason we gave up on the metacity compositor a few years back and ceded that to compiz.

  2. Jan: Is that why you’ve been ignoring my calls…

    Kristian: No, I’m not surprised by it at all, and I’m not worried about telling people to do it themselves. I know what I want from the metacity compositor and how to get it there, and as you rightly say, the architecture isn’t in a state (due to both XRender and Metacity limitations) to push ugly pointless hacks into it. Although that wasn’t the point of this blog post, more an amusing aside 🙂

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