Patrick Henry League

Found the RPM Challenge to get lazy musicians to actually produce something and get better at what they do. So I thought I’d sort of do it. 35 minutes of music in a month. Unofficially like. Mostly cos I can’t be bothered signing up, and because I’m already away for some of Feburary. Also because of that, I’m giving myself some leeway with the dates.

But I thought I’d write about it here, put up some stuff as I progress in an attempt to get some people to bitch at me if I don’t actually do it.

Last night I came up with – Post-hardcore Ain’t For Kids

Nothing fancy, lacking anything other than guitars for various reasons (my bass is in about 30 bits spread over a 10mile radius of N. Ireland for one), but I guess I’m not posting finished products here, just works in progress, so I can see how I progress and if I get any better at learning how to use the instruments and multitrack.

I already know ways it can be made better (the volume drop when the second guitar kicks in for a start can be easily fixed by readjusting the levels)

But yeah, 35minutes, which in my preferred genre is about 2 tracks, so I’m just going to record whatever comes to mind, hence the first track is a silly little post-hardcore/punk thing (whatever post-hardcore really is, and I’m almost certain its not actually, but I like the name)

(For other stuff I’ve recorded previously: My music page