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For those that haven’t noticed, the gtkmm website has been updated recently. I tried to keep the markup more or less the same and do most of the changes with a stylesheet. I ended up needing to change the structure slightly, but for the most part, I could do most things with css, which was nice.

I’d really like it if the main website and the documentation (API and tutorial) all shared the same basic page structure and stylesheet, but there are a few complications. For instance, the main website source is located in the gnomemm-website cvs module, whereas the gtkmm API and turorial is located in the gtkmm module, and sharing files between cvs modules is difficult (impossible?). In addition, the main website source is static html, the API is generated by doxygen, and the tutorial is generated by docbook stylesheets. Getting all of these to generate the same general structure is probably possible, but again would require a shared html header and footer template between the two cvs modules.

So there are some issues that I’d really like to resolve, but I think it’s already a big improvement over the old site, so further improvements are on the backburner for now while I work on some actual code. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them to gtkmm-list.

I’ve also updated the information on the cairomm page significantly, which was previously very sparse. It could still use some more love, but at least it shouldn’t be much of a barrier to involvement in cairomm anymore.

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