Happy New Year

Happy new year to everybody. I had a nice relaxing week with family and also got to stand up for a friend’s wedding. It was a long needed break and the first vacation that I’ve had in a while where I actually felt recharged afterward. (My college engineering prof would say that’s the sign of a bad vacation, but oh well…)

So, finally back to some GNOME-related hacking. Here’s my belated Holiday gift to all of you brave enough to test-drive nemiver:


I’ve implemented a list of source files that are extracted from the executable that is being debugged. So you no longer have to hunt around in the file system to open a source file and set a breakpoint, you can now choose from a list of valid source files.

There’s actually quite a few new things happening in Nemiver since the holiday break. Dodji added a basic text search, there have been several bugs fixed, and some significant performance improvements. Note that if you want to try out the new stuff in nemiver, you’ll also need gtksourceviewmm from svn.

Glad to see the GNOME subversion transition went smoothly. Like Steve, I’ve been thinking about playing around with git-svn since I’ve been fairly impressed with git. I’d be interested in hearing other people’s experiences with git-svn as well.

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