A belated happy first birthday to my beautiful daughter. It’s been a fantastic year.


Since then it seems like I’ve been sick most of the time. Instead of doing something useful, I’ve taken to fidding on a re-write of my Agave colorscheme designer, and I’ve made a decent amount of progress. It still lacks a lot of features of the original, but it benefits from my vastly better grasp of gtkmm and related technologies. I still don’t know if I’ll ever actually get around to releasing it. It’s currently serving as a way for me to relax and take breaks from my other projects. It’s become sort of a playground for me to try out new technologies, and I think I’ve succeeded in making it nearly impossible for normal users to build as it requires quite a few very new or unreleased libraries (goocanvasmm, giomm, glibmm-utils, etc).

Here’s a little screencast of what I’ve done so far:

video thumbnail

I’ve set up a repository on github for anybody that’s interested in playing around with it.

Also, I’ll be taking over some glibmm maintainer duties from murray after the 2.16.0 release.

7 thoughts on “Fiddling”

  1. Agave2 is looking great, I’m a big fan of the original and really hope you do get round to releasing version 2. I’d love to have a crack at building/playing with it, shame about the build dependencies – damn my normal user status 🙁

  2. I absolutely love it!!!!!!

    One small UI comment… Could you set the HSV/RGB tabs to expand so they don’t leave that ugly uneven chunk missing on the right hand side. For small tab panels I think its better presentation to do that.

  3. Be sure, that you will see packages for Agave2 as soon as you make a release, really cool =)

    Agave is so inspiring 🙂

  4. Glad to hear people like it.
    Karl, as you might guess, I haven’t spent a lot of time fine-tuning the UI yet, as I’m still trying to get basic functionality working, but I think your suggestion is good.

  5. Did you guys miss the point where I said that this project was just a relaxing diversion for me? 🙂 heh. But seriously, those are good ideas, but I can’t promise that they’ll necessarily be implemented.
    I’m actually embarrassingly illiterate about color theory, color profiles, etc, so I’d either need somebody to step in and add support for those things, or I’d need to do a lot more research before I get around to it.
    But, hey, it’s a git repository, and github makes it dead easy to ‘fork’ the project and work on a new feature on your own branch, so feel free to jump right in, you already have commit access 🙂

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