The great people from gedit/gtksourceview finally implemented a new completion engine for GtkSourceView which allows us to drop lot of ugly custom code in Anjuta. But it also has some cool features:

  • Combine auto-completions from different sources (called “providers”)
  • Add auto-completions in an asynchronous way
  • Support to add extra information to the auto-completions

For now, Anjuta uses only the first two but it’s really planned to add API Help for symbols.

Despite having a more stable and tested code and a nicer UI that means that he will never be disturbed while typing because the editor is searching for auto-completions to appear. Instead all this now happens in background and it really feels fast. This also gives us a possibility to add macros/snippets directly into the auto-completion framework. Screenshot:


There are also some other interesting things coming soon:

  • a better engine for C++ (auto-completion of class-members, etc.)
  • GSoc JavaScript plugin which needs to be merged
  • a new bison/flex based automake parser as project-manager backend (probably won’t be finished until 3.0)
  • a completely rewritten git UI

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  1. nacho Says:

    Nice, just nice.

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