GNOME-Track on LinuxTag

1. March 2010

We have been offered the chance to run a GNOME-Track on LinuxTag 2010 (June 9th to 12th) in Berlin. As we would love to do that we still need 2-3 talks. So if you are located in Germany or want to come to LinuxTag and have something interesting to say about GNOME, please either contact Vincent or me so we can add you to the list. For now we only need a title and a short discription of your talk. It’s possible to do talks in german or in english at your option.

We would especially encourage some of the zeitgeist/gnome-activity-journal developers to do a talk as we know that some of them live in Germany.

The deadline for submission is today! Don’t blame me for that, we really would have liked to get this out earlier…

Let’s make this a rocking event for promoting GNOME!

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  1. aklapper Says:

    Basics as URLs, links, dates welcome.

  2. […] at LinuxTag. Johannes Schmid agreed to put together the GNOME track. Please contact him if you are interested in speaking about GNOME at […]

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