Sorry, this is going to be a rant…

Some distributions like Ubuntu tend to have their own bugtracker for all packages and people will report bugs there (in this example This is not a bad thing in general as it might be possible to generate better debugging info if you know the exact binary package.

This requires bugs to be added upstream though because no developer will ever have a look in downstream bug trackers. For core packages of a distribution that has the manpower to do this that should be OK and as those packages might be patched in some way it might be useful to report bugs downstream and decide manually if and how to report them upstream.

However for packages where there is nobody to review the downstream bugs I would really prefer if the downstream bug-tracker will just forward the bug to the upstream bug-tracker (probably doing some internal duplicate filtering in between).  I am more happily getting some incomplete bug reports than missing  the interesting ones because they never reach the upstream tracker.

So, launchpad developers: Do you think that’s doable. There are so many great options in launchpad that I think adding this one shouldn’t be too difficult. By accident I stumbled across some very interesting reports in launchpad and I would have loved to have these reports upstream.


GNOME-Track on LinuxTag

1. March 2010

We have been offered the chance to run a GNOME-Track on LinuxTag 2010 (June 9th to 12th) in Berlin. As we would love to do that we still need 2-3 talks. So if you are located in Germany or want to come to LinuxTag and have something interesting to say about GNOME, please either contact Vincent or me so we can add you to the list. For now we only need a title and a short discription of your talk. It’s possible to do talks in german or in english at your option.

We would especially encourage some of the zeitgeist/gnome-activity-journal developers to do a talk as we know that some of them live in Germany.

The deadline for submission is today! Don’t blame me for that, we really would have liked to get this out earlier…

Let’s make this a rocking event for promoting GNOME!