Writing docs in a container

In February, Matthias Clasen started a series of blog posts about Fedora Atomic Workstation (now Team Silverblue) and Flatpak. I gave it a try to see how the container would work with the documentation tools.

The screenshot below shows the setup I used to submit this merge request. The buildah container is in the shell window on the right where git and Emacs operate in the /srv directory. At the same time on the Silverblue desktop, gitg and Yelp see the same files in the /var/srv directory.

Recently I launched buildah and found it wasn’t connecting to the network. It goes without saying that I needed to look no further than GUADEC for the solution (Matthias indicated that “–net=host” was now required on the command line). Now I create the container like this:

sudo chcon -R -h -t container_file_t /var/srv
sudo buildah run --net=host -v /var/srv:/srv:rslave fedora-working-container bash

Emacs bindings for Mallard are courtesy of Jaromír Hradílek.

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