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Documentation at the West Coast Hackfest

The West Coast Hackfest was a terrific experience. The venue, the Urban Office coworking space, was ideal. Sharing the space, and the energy, with the Engagement and GTK teams was inspirational. Thanks in particular to Britt for his thoughtful presentation on growing the team.

the workspace

The workspace at Urban Office.

Thursday, the first day, we had a brainstorming session. We triaged and then started attacking the GitLab issues for gnome-user-docs. Over the hackfest, we reduced 28 outstanding issues to 12.5. This entailed 33 commits and 105+ user help pages modified (in addition to a few pages in the Sys Admin Guide, and the wiki).

My part consisted of Bluetooth and Wacom pages, touchscreen gestures (still in progress, the 0.5 of an issue), general Settings updates, and some of the terminology fixes.

Nifty Control Panel feature — like others, the Wacom panel is hidden if no device is connected. This would seem to defeat the help instructions. However, when you search and select the panel from the activities overview, Settings opens to the Wacom panel and its hidden message of No stylus found/No tablet detected.

working hard

Hard at work on docs.

Friday evening we worked late in the coffee shop of Powell’s City of Books, with (a hint of) free wifi, easily accessible hot chocolate and cookies, and acres of reference material.

On Saturday, we discussed the logistics of replacing library-web with Pintail for User Docs, and Petr and Jim started implementing it.

the nonconformists

Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Saturday evening was the fun all-team event. We experienced the Portland Night Market, a combination craft fair and rib fest in the space between the off-ramps in the Industrial District.

Cascade on Belmont

Three-team event on Saturday night (photo courtesy of Christian Hergert).

Portland is a good place for a hackfest. The transit system is excellent, and there is a nicely photogenic mountain just over 80 km away. Thank you to the organizers for a tremendous event, and thanks to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and accommodation.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood looming over the Skyline. Unlike the postcard version, you have to zoom in.