2007-11-15: xterm, glib, api

xterm has a habit of padding the bottom of the screen in unsightly ways, apparently (your chronicler always uses gnome-terminal). It was suggested that this might be solvable in metacity, but it’s not at all clear how the details would work. (Finding the bugs where this was discussed before would be useful.) Havoc pointed out that xterm is as patchable as metacity is.

Benjamin Gramlich submitted another version of his well-written theme-finding patch, only to have Havoc suggest that g_get_system_data_dirs() would do a lot of the work for him; Benjamin is now away rewriting the patch in terms of that function.

Thomas deleted api.[ch] because it was never used.

Your comments and suggestions about any of these, or anything else related to window management, are welcomed. As the header now says:

There will be links to discussions, and you should feel free to dive in. We might link to Bugzilla discussions, discussions on the various downstream trackers such as launchpad, news coverage, or random blogs. (If you mention Metacity in your blog, we will get to hear about it, and we might link it and discuss what you say.)

Today in the blogosphere, Harsh shares how to turn off the window minimise animation using gconf-editor, Opera Omnia told us that Metacity was not at all outdated, and elsewhere there’s some more talk from people who are switching back to Metacity from the default window manager in Ubuntu Gutsy: László at length on why he’s doing so and Magpie on how to do it (I believe there are actually easier ways, but I’m not currently running Gutsy, so I don’t like to comment).

A development point release is planned for Sunday (but might happen on Saturday, depending on workload).

Photo: The Rat’s Castle, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

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