2007-11-17: some releases and some discussions

Two point releases out: development 2.21.2 and stable 2.20.1. Federico’s patch went into both, since it fixed a regression; Benjamin’s patch went into the development release.

It is hard to think of a shorter way to say “Make this window follow me when I change workspaces”.

Alex Turner provided a patch to make urgent windows on other workspaces appear in the alt-Tab popup, since they already appear in the pager. The patch wasn’t quite in time for 2.21.2, but should be in 2.21.3 if all goes well. So should a first attempt at merging Iain’s compositor branch, if everyone is happy about it.

Marcus Lundblad points out that the double-click to close patch doesn’t apply to trunk any more; Thomas promised to fix it and therefore will, but perhaps not until things calm down a little. Maybe when we get into freeze.

Iain’s compositing post continued to be the scene of much discussion.

Photo: The King Harry, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

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