2.21.2 is out

Thanks to Benjamin Gramlich, Thomas Thurman, and Peter Bloomfield for improvements in this release.

  • Theme parser is compliant to XDG Base Directory Specification in searching for theme files. (Benjamin)
    (GNOME bug #480026)
  • Some source files which didn’t get used were removed (Thomas)
    (GNOME bug #496947)
  • Fullscreen and maximise windows don’t try to save their position (Peter)
    (GNOME bug #461927)

Translations: Matej Urbančič (sl).

Source downloads from the usual place; md5sums are:
0579a8b5df6faeb647607086d0d8dc09 metacity-2.21.2.tar.bz2
591225ba7b04d85176385ff50f940653 metacity-2.21.2.tar.gz

Photo: Ver valley. Photo by Gary Houston; public domain.

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Thomas Thurman

Mostly themes, triaging, and patch review.

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