2008-02-20: Metacity Journal (with thanks to Rio!)

Rio is helping me edit the Metacity Journal tonight. Thanks, Rio!

It’s been a busy couple of days!

  • GNOME bug 106249 — Matthias comes up with a working patch for the skip_taskbar problem
  • GNOME bug 138290 — Rob thought window placement had its problems, but Thomas wasn’t sure what they were; we need to ask the GIMP folks
  • GNOME bug 151818 — “Open new windows centred”; it’s still really a Devil’s Pie thing
  • GNOME bug 328210 — Alexey Rusakov found a bug in our configure script (we need to make a regression test for this soon)
  • GNOME bug 342565 — should it take effort to move a window away from a xinerama edge
  • GNOME bug 448183 — our EWMH support allowed programs to resize OR move, but not both at once
  • GNOME bug 498812 — appears to have fixed itself :)
  • GNOME bug 515773 — a possibly contentious question: should errors which are reported by Metacity be shown as Metacity errors in the logs, or should we attempt to figure out the name of the broken program and pretend that program produced them?
  • GNOME bug 517722 — new contributor Dietrich Rothe has come up with an interesting idea about windows which expand to the maximum size available

Checkins on trunk



  • On branches/gnome-2-20: ne by pachimho
  • On branches/gnome-2-22: gl by icq
  • On trunk: fi by ituohela, oc by ymarcheg

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