2008-02-27: Metacity Journal

When things are this busy I should be doing these daily.


  • We reported earlier, gentle reader, that the rounded corners preview GNOME bug 460018 was solved in both trunk and the gnome-2-22 branch by Thomas Wood. We made probably the last release of 2.21 specially to include the patch.
  • GNOME bug 490668 – one of the accessibility problems that needs work: immediately after startup, nothing has focus, which breaks Orca. Shouldn’t be hugely difficult to fix. Anyone willing to spare a few braincycles?
  • GNOME bug 509165 – separator values. Andrea has found a new solution which doesn’t involve any problems with the visibility rules. This needs testing, which is due shortly after this post.
  • GNOME bug 517722 – more work on Dietrich’s expand patch.
  • GNOME bug 518325 – someone says a function is broken; Elijah agrees and says it should go away anyway.
  • GNOME bug 518596 – should we not have a .metacity directory? If not, what should we have instead? A post is forthcoming on this blog on the matter.
  • GNOME bug 518608 (launchpad bug 192309) – segfault; needs triage
  • GNOME bug 518629 (launchpad bug 116807) – someone complained that the arrangement of desktops is lost if you remove the applet which arranges the desktops. Since this is the program which actually requests the arrangement, I’m not sure how else it could be, really.
  • GNOME bug 518917 – we are now valid C89 all the way through.

Checkins on branches/gnome-2-22

Checkins on trunk

Nothing much interesting.


Till next time…

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