What is it ?

Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2.

What’s changed ?

Thanks to Marco Pesenti Gritti, Iain Holmes, Josh Lee, Thomas Thurman, and Matthew Wilson for improvements in this version.

– Workspaces whose name is the same as the standard name, plus some string, are not cut off. (Thomas) (GNOME bug 453678)
– Improve compositor performance (Iain) (GNOME bug 522166)
– Draw wallpaper correctly when we start up with compositor (Iain) (GNOME bug 522599)
– Don’t draw shadows on shaped windows unless they have frames (Iain) (GNOME bug 505333)
– Several other smaller compositor fixes (Iain)
– Newly-created keep-above windows get focus (Marco) (GNOME bug 519188)
– Allow moving workspace when dragging with modifier key (Matthew) (GNOME bug 474195)

Kenneth Nielsen (da), Gabor Kelemen (hu), Vasiliy Faronov (ru), Daniel Nylander (sv), Maxim Dziumanenko (uk), Woodman Tuen (zh_HK)

Where can I get it ?


1dc28ef6b8da2662caff2b25eca3fda5 bzip2
bb0917ad4f4a9168e9cce6a60bd2dff2 gzip

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Thomas Thurman

Mostly themes, triaging, and patch review.

One thought on “2.23.3”

  1. Hey… great job! Just compiled last revision and performance with compositing on is now a lot better without the FPS cap. Also loved the window previews + window icon badge.

    Despite the lack of things like sorting windows like tiling or centering, Metacity is starting to rock in more ways than I could imagine – you guys are doing a fine job.

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