2008-03-30: Metacity Journal: out like a lion

The White Hart, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.Here we are again. It’s been a hectic few weeks and the backlog has built up a lot, so we’ll just talk about the most recent couple of days.

There’s been an effort to get all unanswered bugs answered. The next step is to go through all NEEDINFO bugs and close as appropriate, and then group all policy questions together and try to find answers to them.

You are invited to share your opinion on, and help out with, any of the following:


  • GNOME bug 490668 – When Metacity starts up, nothing has focus. This isn’t beautiful, but more importantly it confuses accessibility software.
  • GNOME bug 491090 – on startup, minimised windows are not dealt with correctly; this was actually fixed in 2.20 and never fixed in trunk; now fixed
  • GNOME bug 511826 – we don’t pick up colour changes when GTK themes change (unless this is a GTK bug; someone needs to investigate)
  • GNOME bug 516088 – the drop shadow on the panel doesn’t show after login (for some people)
  • GNOME bug 517429 – workspace and ctrl-alt-tab switchers should be compositorified like the alt-tab switcher
  • GNOME bug 521914 – use zenity: see “Policy Changes”, below
  • GNOME bug 522166 – compositor was slowed down; Iain removed the delay; rejoicing
  • GNOME bug 523914 – the window drop shadow is not centred; it shouldn’t be, because lighting is always from the northwest
  • GNOME bug 525051 – bring us into line with new gnome-session rules about .desktop files
  • Launchpad bug #199402 – fix crash in the theme viewer (unusually, this bug was closed before it made its way upstream)

Policy changes

  • GNOME bug 499301: MetaDisplay is now a singleton. meta_displays_list() is replaced by meta_get_display().
  • GNOME bug 521914: we are strongly considering removing metacity-dialog and replacing it with zenity. A separate post on this matter is forthcoming.

New gnome-love bug

  • GNOME bug 524343: Fallback icons should be from stock. This is a trivial fix which should help you learn more about how Metacity works. Come and pester Thomas on IRC (marnanel on irc.gnome.org, channel #gnome) about how to do this if you want to try.

Checkins on trunk



  • On trunk: es by jorgegonz

Photo: The White Hart, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

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Thomas Thurman

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4 thoughts on “2008-03-30: Metacity Journal: out like a lion”

  1. It would be lovely to have an exposè feature also in metacity.
    With the composer running and already working on the tab-switch it should be doable.. isn’t it?

  2. I’m not the best person to say how easy it would be, but you should subscribe to GNOME bug 502491 where the idea of “Expose for Metacity” is being discussed.

  3. well done! love the news & metacity :)
    the only thing that worries me, is some performance-related issues i have…

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