Metacity Journal: 2008-10-16

SalmiakkiWelcome back to the Metacity journal, your (more or less) daily roundup of all things Metacity. Okay, so it hasn’t happened for six months and I did this one by hand instead of with the script. Anyway, feel free to poke your nose into any of these conversations.

GNOME bug 556464: Michael Terry wanted to remove the dialogue box which says that an application doesn’t play nicely with the session manager.  The reason is that it stays up indefinitely and most users don’t care.  Michael provided a patch which added a GConf key to disable it.  Thomas said that a new key for something as trivial as this would be a bad idea, and it would be better just to disable it.  Havoc said that it had already been considered somewhere, but nobody’s yet found that bug.

GNOME bug 401028: Quite an old bug; unshading a shaded window doesn’t focus it as it should.  There was a patch which rotted; Thomas rewrote it to apply to trunk.  Shaun McCance tested it and reports that it fixes the bug but causes intermittent crashes, so it’s not going in quite yet

GNOME bug 96743: Okay, this is a REALLY old bug.  Should you be able to drag a window to an adjacent workspace by pushing it off the edge?  Calum has recently added that he believes you should, and since IIRC he’s on the HIG team, that carries quite some weight.

GNOME bug 555489: Luke Hutchison wants a generalised way to fullscreen any application, similar to the maximise button.  Havoc says this is really an app problem because there’s so much app-specific information the window manager would need to know in each case.

There was a GNOME doc list discussion about this theming tutorial from 2002. Murray Cumming asked whether it was current. Thomas said it was not particularly current and that this blog post was a better source, though there were some lacunae. Murray suggested that it could be changed into docbook and kept in the Metacity tarball, which Thomas thought was a good idea; Thomas further suggested that some of the other tarball information be changed to docbook at the same time.

And Metacity became the first GNOME program to have a (very partial) Latin translation.

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That’s it for today, folks.  More next time.  Also to come: fun with annotations, rethinking the responsibility of themes, and being nice to translators.

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