Upgrades continue

Servers that have been upgraded to RHEL5:

  • label
    Contains LDAP (GNOME usernames), live.gnome.org (it was down twice yesterday)

  • button
    Contains MySQL (reason for Bugzilla downtime yesterday), mango (GNOME account creation/update thingy)

  • window
    Hosts loads of websites, cvs.rpm.org, functions as master.gnome.org. It will be an ‘upgrade and see what breaks’.

  • box
    Hosts Bugzilla. In preparation I’ll move Bugzilla to window after it is upgraded RHEL5 (either today or tomorrow).

  • container
    Used for NFS. Upgraded while keeping most of the servers up (Bugzilla and some websites depend on NFS, but managed to work around that)

Servers to do and the current plan:

  • menubar – after more testing
    Known as mail.gnome.org. I do not want to upgrade it before having me/jdub do a test config on another server.

Benefits of RHEL5:

  • Our server configuration is documented
  • slapcat is very fast
  • Mango repository is now on svn.gnome.org (not publicly visible)
  • Account creation+foundation mails now use UTF-8
  • Learned how to change PHP4 DOM calls to PHP5
  • /usr/bin/php-cgi works so much better via CGI than /usr/bin/php
  • Stealing external interfaces is possible
  • Learned that the apparently unsupported RHEL upgrade option works
  • Learned that some sysadmins are crazy in their easy task consideration (ldap?!?)

It is very nice to work with lots of sysadmins on this.

Update: window and box have been branded RHEL5.