Dropping old Bug-Buddy reports

There is a proposal on desktop-devel-list to drop bug-buddy reports from either <=GNOME 2.14 or <=GNOME 2.16. I fully agree with <=GNOME 2.14 (receives max 5 bugreports/day). However, not sure about <=GNOME 2.16.

Based on server stats over the last week, we:

  • Created 23 GNOME <=2.14 bug-buddy reports. Update: To clarify, the <=2.14 bug-buddy programs updated themselves 9603 times (it does that when you start it and it wasn’t updated for at least 1 day, plus the server config changed). Obviously that method of reporting bugs is so broken that killing it wouldn’t have a big impact.
  • Received 5513 XML-RPC GNOME 2.15 + 2.16 bug-buddy reports. I assume 60% are auto-rejected (received!=created).
  • Received 475 XML-RPC bug-buddy report for other GNOME versions (sometimes the bug-buddy version couldn’t be determined).
  • Created 2405 bugreports in total (over the last 7 days instead of last week).

Seeing above stats, unless I get a good objections from many developers GNOME <=2.14 bug-buddy reports will be dropped (with an explanation message). Before dropping 2.15+2.16, I’d like some (developer) feedback on d-d-l. Please read the entire thread, then add your comments.

There is just one server left to upgrade – menubar. I’m delaying this after GNOME 2.18.1, plus I want to create a test installation first.