alpha 2

For those not following #docs on IRC and/or the gnome-web-list mailing list, here is another status update on the work done by various people on

Things changed:

  • gnome-doc-utils documents look more like the design by Frederic Peters (created from an image)
  • libgo now creates index.html.$LANG files for all the gnome-doc-utils documents.
  • Uses the new gnome-doc-utils HTML output instead of XHTML (you cannot serve XHTML as HTML.. unless you make it pretend to be HTML, but IMO then you should just use HTML anyway)
  • Changed a bunch of Python code to remove UNIXisms (and introduced a few bugs..)

Things that are broken:

  • Some modules have hacks in their files, making it impossible for libgo to find the documentation
  • Sometimes libgo can’t find the figures (often for gnome-doc-utils)
  • gtk-doc often have missing xml files
  • gtk-doc are not indexed (for now just browse
  • Feature: separate user and developer documentation.
  • Instead of calling it everywhere, perhaps ‘GNOME Library’
  • Feature: instead of one big unreadable logfile, have some kind of structured output