alpha 2

For those not following #docs on IRC and/or the gnome-web-list mailing list, here is another status update on the work done by various people on

Things changed:

  • gnome-doc-utils documents look more like the design by Frederic Peters (created from an image)
  • libgo now creates index.html.$LANG files for all the gnome-doc-utils documents.
  • Uses the new gnome-doc-utils HTML output instead of XHTML (you cannot serve XHTML as HTML.. unless you make it pretend to be HTML, but IMO then you should just use HTML anyway)
  • Changed a bunch of Python code to remove UNIXisms (and introduced a few bugs..)

Things that are broken:

  • Some modules have hacks in their files, making it impossible for libgo to find the documentation
  • Sometimes libgo can’t find the figures (often for gnome-doc-utils)
  • gtk-doc often have missing xml files
  • gtk-doc are not indexed (for now just browse
  • Feature: separate user and developer documentation.
  • Instead of calling it everywhere, perhaps ‘GNOME Library’
  • Feature: instead of one big unreadable logfile, have some kind of structured output

2 Replies to “ alpha 2”

  1. Are there any plans to add the bindings API doc to as well? (e.g. gtkmm / gnomemm / pygtk, etc)

  2. Yes, bindings will be added somewhere in the future. Currently libgo cannot easily deal with the binding tarballs. The jhbuild used to the unstable documentation should be ok though. I assume the problem is that those bindings aren’t included in the default ‘modules’ jhbuild config. I’m adding them now, then you should see the unstable versions.

    Note that since writing this, the API documentation (not bindings) should already appear on (mixed with user documentation, etc.. something to fix later).

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