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During GUADEC in 2005, Jeff Waugh started 10×10. The one goal is this: “To Own 10 % of the Global Desktop Market by 2010”. This was well announced and it is even linked on the start page of However, 10×10 had another goal and that hasn’t been announced up till now. If you’ve been reading Planet GNOME closely, you’ve already seen the first success. Now the other 10×10 goal saw it second success with the creation of SVN account ismaild. Going by the name of İsmail Dönmez (having first it is the second person to be converted to GNOME. The other 8 persons needed to complete the secondary 10×10 target have already been selected, although they don’t know it yet…

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  1. what, we’re gonna count how many Gnome devs switch to KDE and how many KDE devs switch to Gnome? I think that would turn out rather bad for the latter, as to me it seems to be a weird kind of SM to go back from Qt to GTK…

    On the other hand, more cooperation is a good thing.

  2. Well I am still a KDE developer, SVN account is for ooo-build packaging. Thank you very much 😉

  3. Ismail: Yeah, I knew before posting this (I created your account). The other ‘example’ I mentioned doesn’t have SVN (or uses perhaps a different name).

  4. If I were you, I’d better change the focus on to 20×10, 20×20 or anything reachable, but not try to convert him.

  5. Görkem: 20% marketshare by 2010?!? Thank you for suggesting it, however let’s first do the 10%. The 20% by 2020 seems too similar to the current goal.

  6. Olav! Don’t do it! They are taking over the project!
    I would say we request 4-5 kde accounts in return for each one. And a pony.

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