Top committers (by # of commits)

(since 1 Jan 2007)

who commits lines added lines removed
ymarcheg 1428 538669 103168
alexl 1384 268475 223803
neo 1312 153253 148713
jorgegonz 1246 452563 361810
dnylande 1174 493472 455947
jsacco 1062 16676 18785
matthiasc 941 1018629 886572
djihed 903 381529 325918
kmaraas 856 172223 193721
vuntz 763 60436 32399

Views and hits views
7,870,044 since 28 May 2006 (not sure where to see this in the UI) hits
3,059,931 since 21 Oct 2007 (seems high) hits
194,106,454 since 1 Dec 2006 hits
100,426,775 hits since 1 Dec 2006 (actually expected this to be more popular than wgo) hits
1,664,134 hits since 21 Oct 2007
107,836,758 hits to /svn/ (anonymous checkouts) and 7,717,665 hits to the rest of the site (images, viewvc) since 1 Jan 2007, this ignoring ssl/ssh/svn traffic

6 Replies to “Stats”

  1. iain: Yeah, that post reminded me that I wanted to post some stats for a while too. One day I’d like it to be emailed automatically to the currently -dead- mailing list (or perhaps some special stat site.. like something shaunm is working on). Not sure how to determine pages though. Perhaps ignore things with ‘.png’, ‘.js’ or ‘.css’ in the URL? I’m also not sure if that wiki counts hits from spiders. Because of the many document versions available on Library, most hits could just come from spiders (loads of .html files). When I have time (never) I’ll try and setup library for the stats program we use.

  2. Can’t you just use one of the many existing stats processors, and put the HTML results online once a month?

  3. Murray: What stats program exists for the commits? I haven’t really looked. I did find cvsgraph. It should work using the bonsai database we have.
    For websites, I already said I still have to setup some for the stats program (webalizer)… it actually already counts pages.

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