Bzr mirror of GNOME

John Carr has setup a Bzr mirror of all GNOME repositories. Details are available on the wiki. Most GNOME modules are available via Launchpad, but that one doesn’t allow you to commit to SVN (IIRC). The mirror by John Carr does allow commits. For this all to work you’ll need latest Bzr and bzr-svn.

Copy/pasting the instruction:

We’ll create a project folder for your module which can house multiple branches. The branches will share revisions to save disk space.

cd ~/
bzr init-repo --rich-root-pack cheese
cd cheese/
bzr branch

If you want to get the latest stuff:

cd ~/cheese/trunk
bzr pull

If you need something that hasn’t made it to the mirror yet, you can pull directly from GNOME SVN:

cd ~/cheese/trunk
bzr pull

When you have some changes that are in your trunk branch, but not in SVN, you can push:

cd ~/cheese/trunk
bzr push svn+ssh://

Note: If someone wants to setup a git mirror, contact me. I can grant rsync access to speed up the conversion. Regarding the Bzr mirror: It is all John Carr. For praises and more, contact him.