Page loading problems

An answer regarding page loading problems:

Gave up on hoping that Gnome would serve my blog sanely – apparently asking for it is a denial of service attack. Duplicated it at

This is not what I said or meant on IRC. There is a DDoS going on. Nothing too heavy. However, it really slows down the database, slowing down Bugzilla until a crawl. Due to the type of DDoS it is almost impossible to block (too many IPs, etc), resulting in unintended side-effects. Initially I thought I could add the workaround pretty quickly. However, was too difficult to do at UDS. I noted the delay in #sysadmin, so if you’ve asked there someone hopefully would’ve repeated in case I wasn’t around. I did inform the sysadmins regarding the config change (mailing list and IRC) causing these page load issues. Due to abuse avoidance (often if you make it known, seems others see a need to repeat/join) I did not inform anyone else. I do hope the DDoS doesn’t morph into something I cannot block.