Deciding when to upgrade

The server behind still runs the previous Ubuntu LTS (Dapper / 6.06). I want to upgrade this to the latest Ubuntu LTS, this being Hardy / 8.04. The upgrade itself should not take more than 30min, but the downtime will be longer than that (rsync’ing everything to another machine). I’ll setup another machine to handle SVN in case the distro upgrade the distro upgrade fails in unexpected ways.

I’m currently thinking of Sat 7 or Sun 8 Jun 2008. I prefer Sunday mornings (CEST / UTC +2) as hopefully not too many people are online. Further, the most important users of are developers and I expect less usage in the weekend. The weekend is more popular for translators though. It also isn’t just before an important release.

Above date is not fixed, I still have to check if there is someone standing by with physical access.

Anyone think above is a bad idea? Better suggestions regarding when to schedule this? Note: During the week it has to be in the evening (UTC +2).

Note: After the upgrade, the repository format has to be changed, but I’ll do that later. It shouldn’t be more than a few minutes per repository (due to converting it twice, first the whole repository, then disallowing commits, then doing the commits that have been made when the conversion was running). The repository format should allow things like svnsync, plus repository size should be smaller. See