I see that someone has fixed the strange </ul> that
had been escaped in my article after I previewed and posted
it. I suppose that I should thank raph for that. Now even
Lynx displays it correctly. Great!

I will be away until Tuesday. I wonder what kind of
replies will be posted while I am not on the ‘net.

Maybe I will take some time during my short Easter break
update the gimp_tips file and to create a new splash screen
just for fun (using some of my bug
). Hmm… Unless yosh
decides to release 1.1.20 before I have the time to submit
my patches…

And Sven hasn’t replied yet to
my questions about my Script-Fu patches. I wonder what’s
up. Hi
Sven! 🙂

My account has been switching several times between
Master and Journeyer during the last two months. Every time
I log in, I wonder what color I will have. Isn’t that
funny? Anyway, I don’t think that I deserve this purple
color, at least not for my current contributions to
the free software community.

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