• Congratulations to Heather and Raph for their
    new son Max.

  • It’s sad to see someone
    comitting suicide on Advogato. I don’t care if he is
    removing all his certifications, but removing all his diary
    entries as well means that some (valuable) information is
    now lost. Including the last diary entries that could have
    explained what happened (and of course, the other people who
    were involved in that discussion edited their diaries too,
    so it is now very difficult to understand this mess.) This
    reminds me of the WikiSuicide
    that was mentioned in an article two
    weeks ago. It’s just sad. And stupid.

  • I was hoping that yosh would wait
    until this week before releasing the Gimp 1.1.20. Nope. It is
    out now, so my patches will have to wait until 1.1.21. Ah

  • Yesterday evening, I updated the template that I use for
    my home page.
    The icons look better with some anti-aliasing, but they
    still need more work. And I also have to include the
    contents from my old pages, because the current draft does
    not contain much.
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