Murray, everyone in Cataluña speaks Spanish. Most people have Catalan as their mother tongue, but Spanish is still an official language in Cataluña, and most people (if not all) speak Spanish, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise your Spanish. And if not, you always have the Spanish-speaking Armada to talk to.


Since I bought my bike, I’ve been riding a lot around the infinite paths there are around Peralta, and took some photos of some very nice places, like the view of the Arga and the Aragón rivers getting mixed in their way to the Ebro (a few kms away from the point where the photo was shot):

Or the Peñalén:

Doing so, I’ve also found lots of new friends:

I’ve also just uploaded all the photos we took last Easter, when our friend Conchi came to visit us. We went, with Uxue and Pato (although Pato is on none of the photos, he didn’t want to get shot :), to the “Venta de Juan Pito”, a restaurant in the Pyrenees, surrounded by huge mountains and where you can eat lots of home-made food for very little money. We had “migas”, “alubias” and then some meat, to finish so full that we needed to walk around a little bit before getting into the car.


So, I’m now the happy owner of this:

The first 200 kms I’ve done have been a good exercise, since even though I had been riding motos for over 10 years (from 10/11 years old to 21), last time was a long time ago, so I really needed practising. I feel confident in most places, except when going down mountain roads, where I felt a bit insecure, specially having 2/3 cars behind me. So more practising needed there. Specially since this bike, from what I’ve seen so far, performs much better in that kind of roads.

About off-road, I haven’t done much, just a little bit around my house, where there are some short paths. This following weekend I’ll do some more, since there are lots of places around Peralta that I’ve never been (because of being off-road and too far away for walking) which I’ll be visiting in the next few months.

Famous "friends"

Just watched (by coincidence, of course) a guy called Colate on a gossip-like TV program, a guy that is famous because of having romances with other famous people which, in turn, are famous for having romances with other famous people, and so on. Nothing strange, lots of this kind of people here in Spain, except that that guy went to the same school as I did! So, when I saw him, I couldn’t stand it, and just had a terrible laugh, specially since he’s being called on TV and other media with the same alias we used to call him when we were children (his name is Nicolás, Colate is just his little boy’s alias). And the laugh became unstandable when he said he wanted to work on TV, on gossip-like programs, I guess.

Not sure if, given I went to the same school, I might suffer from the same stupidity. At least I don’t show up on TV with my little boy’s alias, and no romances with famous people. At least not yet 🙂

ETA cease-fire?

I just read this, a communication from the terrorist group ETA, saying they’ll start a cease-fire on March 24th. Wow! while of course we can’t believe 100% what a terrorist group says (they’ve declared cease-fires other times before, but then continued killing), this seems to be what we all were expecting in the last few months. Not sure how it will end up, but I think there is lots of hope now to see the terrorist violence end up with this, replaced with political debate.

Of course, the political debate, as everything related to politics here in Spain, will be too violent also, but at least only via words, not killings, kidnappings, bombs or blackmailing. So, yeah, seems good news are on the horizon for Spain and, specially, the Basque country.


After many years without having my own motorbike, I’m now decided to buy one, and looking into the offer for 125 c.c., which, due to some changes in the Spanish legislation (which allows people with car driving license to drive

  • Derbi GPR 125 Nude: this is a “streetfighter”, which is a competition bike with some changes to make the driving more comfortable.
  • Derbi Senda R 125:
  • Honda XR 125L:
  • I am looking for Trail bikes, so that I can use it both on the road and on paths, but the Derbi GPR 125 Nude catched my eye. It’s indeed quite beautiful, and the reviews I’ve read talk quite well about it. The problem with it is that you can only use it on the roads.

    I’ve seen also a few others, although right now they’re low on the list:

    Anyone can give any advise?


    I’ve been so busy that I totally forgot about the photos I took the last two weekends. The first one, we went to Panticosa, a ski resort in the Pyrenees, with such a bad luck that the first day it was raining, and that made us being so wet after 2/3 hours that we had to leave. The 2nd day it was worst, the resort was closed due to very high winds 🙁 But anyway, I took some nice photos:

    The next weekend, we woke up at 7 AM on Sunday to go again for some skiing action, and while leaving my place, we saw the village had suffered from floods during the night.

    In case things got worse (which was expected), we just turned back and missed another day of skiing 🙁 Next weekend we’ll do another try, maybe one of the last, since temperatures are starting to go up, and skiing in melting snow is not a very good experience. So I guess we have just 2/3 weeks left for this season 🙁

    Alo’s children grow quick

    I was reading my newsfeeds in liferea and started seeing a lot of entries from alo, quite surprised of how many entries in a row he had posted and how much his English had improved. I even noticed some change in his personality in all these posts. But suddenly I got to this one, and at that moment I even fall of the chair! Alo with 2 children, and I didn’t know!

    So, yeah, needs a fix, Alo denied the news, he has no children yet and his English is good, but not so much.

    We’re getting old

    25 years ago, on Feb 23 1981, there was a coup d’état, fortunately failed, that tried to get Spain to return to the dark ages of the Franco’s dictature. Because of this “25th anniversary”, I’ve been seeing lots of documentaries (and more to come, specially tomorrow on sat TV) about that day, and so have remembered where I was that day. Yeah, 25 years ago I was alive!

    What I remember from that day, being only 8.5 years old, is my father calling home from his office and telling us (my mother, my sister and I) not to get out to the street under any circumstance. And after that, I remember my mother being worried, watching TV and listening to the radio all the time. And, the following morning, with no sleep at all. But what really upset me and my sister about that day was that, when we went to sleep, we were really happy because “something dangerous had happened”, so we thought we wouldn’t have to go to the school the day after. But, when we woke up and my mother told us everything was solved and that we had to go to the school, a huge deception invaded us. Then, more upset we were when we saw some other parents had allowed their children to not go the school.

    So many years after that day, there are still a lot of black holes in the investigation, with no “big boss” detained, and lots of conspiracy theories floating around. I will myself read “23F, la verdad”, from Francisco Medina who, the other day, said on TV, while announcing his new book, that some people from most of the political parties at that time knew about the military insurrection and agreed with it. Of course, he said no more, so we’ll have to read the book to find out what and who he talks about.