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30.07.2011 gst123-0.2.1

A new release of gst123, my commandline media player based on GStreamer is available. If you’re using 0.2.0 and see annoying warnings about option parsing on startup, you probably want to upgrade. There are no other user visible changes compared to 0.2.0.

21.07.2011 SpectMorph: new release, new sounds

SpectMorph is a project that analyzes instrument sounds so that they can be combined to create new sounds (morphing). It took me a while to get the morphing part implemented so that it sounds reasonable, but here is the result of more than half a year of development time: SpectMorph 0.2.0.

Now, how does it sound to play some chords with an instrument that slowly changes between a trumpet and a male singer?

Trumpet/Ah Example

The release, instruments, and many other examples (ogg/mp3/flac) are available under www.spectmorph.org

19.11.2010 SpectMorph: its fast now, too – and has many sound examples

I’ve finally managed to make a new release of SpectMorph, a C++ based project for creating and morphing sound models from samples; it still doesn’t have the morphing part, but at least its fast now, too. Depending on the CPU used, 100 to 300 simultanaeous voices are realistic, which should be enough for almost any composition.

Since SpectMorph can now import SoundFont files, I used this to build many many sound examples to compare how the SpectMorph models sound, and how the SoundFont sounds. Ideally they would be identical. After listening to quite a few of these files, I’d say that the SpectMorph approach in principle works for a wide variety of sounds, BUT that the encoding algorithm will produce more or less audible artefacts for some sounds, which hopefully can be fixed by improving the encoder.

The SpectMorph Homepage has all the samples (flac, ogg and mp3), so I’m just going to link one example here, to give you an idea of how good SpectMorph and original can match: Bach on a Church Organ using SpectMorph and using the Original Samples

15.07.2010 gst123 – command line media player – interview

The editors at FamousWhy have conducted an interview about gst123, which has been published today on their site. So if you’re interested in gst123, this might be useful to read.