Fibonacci Redux

Time for more microbenchmarks! Someone just pointed me out to this post which describes another fibonacci shootout. It gave the brand new Ruby 1.9 VM a test drive. Ruby 1.9’s execution model is quite different from 1.8, featuring a highly optimized bytecode interpreter (codenamed YARV). I must admit that I totally overlooked YARV. All the buzz around Rubinius distracted me.

YARV beats the pants off ruby 1.8. It also outperforms Panda Smalltalk, not by much though. I have prepared a fresh benchmark. This time I present the fibonacci code using images since wordpress refuses to let me format language code sanely. I also got a bit carried away with GIMP and made the code look all pretty.



3 thoughts on “Fibonacci Redux”

  1. I guess changing the algorithm is cheating indeed. After all, doing the things stupidly is what is being benchmarked.

    I doubt the results say anything about the speed of each language though…

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