Performance Measurement (IV)

In the past couple of weeks the pango/cairo performance world domination has proceeded as planned. Cutting down the glyph extents computation per expose, less floating point “burning” in cairo, optimizing the xrender usage for glyph rendering, further tesselator improvements (yet to be commited), etc. Special mention goes to the heroic Behdad, who is rocking so hard someone should send him a 770 or something. Wait, we already did. Ok, then someone should offer to have his babies. Wait! Someone already did!. Well, if he ever decides to run for Benevolent Dictator of the World, you already know the person to vote for.

The latest torturer results:

gtk2-6 is GTK+ 2.6.10, gtk2-10xft is GTK+ 2.10.6 with an ugly patch to use libXft for font rendering. cairo124 is GTK+ 2.10.6 with cairo 1.2.4 (no, really) and pango 1.14. “oldglyph” is using cairo 1.3.6 and pango HEAD, and “newglyph” is cairo 1.3.6 + behdad’s glyph optimization patch and pango HEAD. The GtkLabel column is especially relevant for us because we can finally forget about using the ugly xft+gtk2.10 patch. I have some numbers from timetext in a mail to the cairo list.

That’s all for now, further updates as we receive them.

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4 Responses to Performance Measurement (IV)

  1. pedro says:

    which theme engine are you using for the tests?

  2. Xan says:


  3. Provataki says:

    Gtkradiobutton seems to be slow with cairo. This needs fixing imho.

  4. W. says:

    Is it even possible to get par with gtk2-6 without hardware accel? (yeah, I don’t understand anything about vector graphics)

    But looks very promising. Keep up good work! 🙂

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