Hello Planet!

Hi there, this should be my first post in Planet GNOME.

My name is Xan López and I’m a spanish/galician hacker. Last september I joined Nokia/OSSO to help overloaded tommi with all-things GTK+ inside Maemo. These days I’m mostly trying to get to know the inner workings of GTK+ and trying to send some useful contributions to the Epiphany project again. Speaking of which…

This morning I spent some more time working on the infamous (at least for Ephy users) bug 318459, which prevented GtkEntryCompletion users from editing in-place the matches in the popup. I finished some remaining bits and hacked the ephy part of the equation here. Mixing everything together should give a much more pleasant Epiphany for everyone. Here’s a small demo of the thing working.

Thanks to Fer I got an amazing plane ticket offer and I will fly with my girlfriend to Japan in September. Any Japanese GNOME hacker wants to have a nice meeting somewhere in the country? I’ll exchange unsubstantial geeky chit-chat for first-hand info on the best places to visit 🙂

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