svu: same situation here. This latest ESR chapter is the last nail in the coffin for me though (“ha ha only serious”), I’m now all set to install Fedora 7 on my powerbook when it’s released. I actually considered moving to Fedora 5 one year ago, but the default install was so broken (X hangs, the updater going totally bonkers eating all my RAM, etc) that I went back crying to Ubuntu. This time I think I’ll stick to it and report all the problems I have like a good boy.

When I started using Linux 9 years ago, I think I basically thought ESR was a pretty cool guy. I wonder if the radically different opinion I have of him now means that he has changed a lot, that I’ve changed a lot, or actually both.

PS: gotta love the midget sex spam I get on the blog since I’m syndicated on the planet.

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  1. You’re using Ubuntu, and looking for a distro to move towards that’s more focused on Free Software and less inclined towards ESR’s ideas of what’s important… and Fedora is the choice that immediately springs to mind?

    Might I suggest considering an option a little closer in heritage to what you’re using now…

  2. Xan says:

    I used Debian for a long time before switching to Ubuntu, but I’m actually much happier since I use a distro with time-based releases. Would really like to keep that feature.
    And the main driving force in my switch is Ubuntu (officialy) dropping ppc support, not ideology.

  3. Fair enough. I’m considering dropping Ubuntu myself – I have all sorts of weird redraw and crashing issues across multiple apps, and the final straw for me was an upgrade stranding me in 800×600 (as opposed to my more usual 1600×1200) for an hour until I figured out with the help of a bunch of googling, reading log files and some creative thinking what I could put into xorg.conf to fix it.

    But if/when I do I’ll definitely be going back to Debian. I liked things better when releases didn’t even matter because I could just run testing…

  4. Rawsock says:

    Must … resist … urge … to troll … awww fuckit ..


  5. jim says:

    Why not use gNewSense?

  6. jim says:

    Why not use gNewSense?

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