Two releases for the price of one

I didn’t blog about the 1.1.5 release (although Gustavo did, much better than I do as usual), so now that 1.1.6 is out I’ll make a 2×1 post with the highlights.

  • gtk-doc support was integrated into the build system. There’s still a few rough edges, but hopefully it won’t be too long now before the full API documentation is available at, say,
  • l10n support. All text in warnings, dialogs and GObject properties is marked for translation using gettext, and everybody is welcome to contribute new translations!
  • A full-fledged printing API using GTK+’s GtkPrintOperation.
  • Spellchecking support through Enchant.
  • Error reporting. A new signal, WebKitWebView::load-error will be emitted when there’s an error during the page load. You can do nothing, and a default error page will be shown, or handle the signal yourself and show some customized error UI.
  • Caret browsing mode has been added. It still has some bugs and missing features (notably, interaction with forms is kind of shaky), but I think it’s quite on par with the support in Gecko at this point and not bad for the first stepping stone.
  • After the a11y hackfest and the great help from Willie and Joanmarie, a lot of improvements to the ATK support have landed. There’s a lot to cover here, but same as with caret mode we’ll keep improving with each release.
  • And as usual, lots of small bugfixes all over the place.

That’s quite a lot of stuff don’t you think? I think we are making great progress, with contributions from the whole team, so let’s keep rocking!

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5 Responses to Two releases for the price of one

  1. Vincent Untz says:

    It’d be really nice to have a NEWS file to know what has changed between releases 🙂

  2. xan says:

    Well, I always copy pasted to it in the past, but I basically made an extensive summary of it this time. The file is here, as usual:

  3. Dude, release 1.1.6 of what?

    I assumed WebKitGTK+, but had to find out for real 🙂

  4. MartinSamson says:


    Pretty neat 🙂

    But is there a way to remove spellchecking?

    We are building an embedded browser and the spellcheck library is unnecessary…

  5. xan says:


    That’s indeed a possibility, we’ll get to it ASAP, but you can open a bug in order to make us not forget 🙂

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