WebKit Contributors Meeting

I hadn’t blogged about it yet, but the last weekend I crossed 10 time zones, one ocean and some insane border inspections to attend the first ever WebKit Contributors Meeting. I just returned to my hotel in San Francisco from two hectic days at the Apple campus in Cupertino, putting faces to the names I see daily in my WebKit work and attending some really interesting working sessions and hackatons. Of course a lot of productive discussions and coding happened, but I also value some incorporeal sense of unity and direction that you can get when you put a bunch of people that work together in a project physically in the same place for a couple of days; I’m already looking forward to next year’s meeting, and I thank Apple for organizing the event.

4 of us from Igalia have come to the US (Álex, Philippe, Juanjo and myself), and we’ll stay until Saturday to attend the Linux Collaboration Summit and do some fast-paced sight-seeing around the city (although we already enjoyed a great day off on Sunday with Martin around the city, including the awesome shoe-garden in Alamo Square).

To finish it off, I have to mention that I used the ever productive airplane time and some dead hours these days to advance quite a bit in the GObject DOM Bindings for WebKitGTK+, and that I can already correctly generate large enough portions of it to do actual applications and meaningful unit testing (basically, I cover Document and most of its dependencies!). More about this soon!

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