A few days in Lisbon

Starting this Saturday I’m going to spend a few days (at least 7) in Lisbon. Not really on holidays, but since my company is awesome and I just have to do my hours from anywhere I want I figured I might as well see a bit more of the world I live in.

So here’s the deal: if you live in the city, or near, and want to talk about free software, WebKit, GNOME, politics or metaphysics and get a free lunch, you can get that and in exchange you only have to show me around a bit. Or, better yet, do you belong to a LUG or any other social group with some interest in free software?  If you want we can arrange some kind of GNOME/WebKit/Epiphany talk, or we can improvise some kind of hackfest (“Your first GNOME patch”?, “Become a WebKitGTK+ hacker in 4 hours”?). Or maybe you have better ideas? Just leave a comment in my blog, or drop me a few lines at ‘xan at gnome dot org’. See you around!

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