It has come to my attention that the GNOME Foundation is interested in my DEFCON app in order to better enforce the new Speaker Guidelines in current and future GUADECs. I’m happy to announce that the app is in fact for sale, so just contact xlopez at for details.

PS: starting price is 500 EUR, it includes a tactical nuclear strike to the talk site when DEFCON 1 is hit.

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  2. Isn’t the last comment a little counterproductive? I understand that people had a problem that Dave Neary was trying to recoup his costs from conducting the study, but if you have a problem with it, there are ways to deal with it which make the community stronger.

    Also, FWIW, after reading the report, it seems around the level of work that a grad student would do over the course of 3 or so months. In the US when one factors in tuition and stipend for such a student the cost can easily be $20,000 for that much work.

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  4. The Fedora QA team is happy to offer our competing Pantscon app at a mere 250 EUR. (It measures the imminence of an enforced pants change and is often used during release crunches…)

  5. xan says:

    @Patrick Wagstrom: it’s a joke, and I think it’s definitely more productive to take it just as that.

    @Adam Williamson: woah woah, let’s not engage in a race to the bottom in this market just yet. I predict an explosive growth in the DEFCON app market in the coming years, there will be plenty of room for both of us to thrive.

  6. rms says:

    What is this DEFCON application?

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