Igalia’s WebKit team is expanding

The WebKit team inside Igalia is looking for some fresh blood. On the technical side we work on all things WebKit, from rendering, networking and accessibility to JavaScript, multimedia and the GNOME web browser. We have a strong commitment to the GTK+ port, but we are by no means restricted to it. On the social side Igalia practices workplace democracy, which in practical terms means that you’ll have, shortly after joining, a voice and vote in how the company is run, from the short term tactical considerations (should we do this project or hire this guy?) to the long term strategic investments (I tell you, this “Web” thing is totally the future).

If this sounds like something you’d like to do drop me a line to any of my multiple mail addresses (I’m sure you’ll manage to find at least one of them) with any background information that you consider relevant.

PS: We are extremely flexible in both location (ask me about my last 9 months travelling around the world) and how you distribute your working hours, so we should be able to accommodate pretty much anyone that is both human and living on planet Earth.

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7 Responses to Igalia’s WebKit team is expanding

  1. I find your hiring policy outrageously discriminatory.

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  3. xan says:

    @Vinny: I’m glad to inform you that the authors of our previous Hiring Policy have been sacked. We are now willing and able to hire any sentient being with residence in the Local Group of Galaxies.

    Signed, Igalia’s New HR Group.

  4. Stephen says:

    What are the positions that you are seeking to fill?

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  6. xan says:

    @Stephen: nothing more specific than what I said; we are looking for good hackers that know those technologies or are passionate about learning them.

  7. Gyuyoung Kim says:

    hello xan,
    do you remember me? i’m joone friend. We met in Suwon for your presentation. Is your company expanding webkit team? 🙂

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