Garfunkel in need of sounds.

Hello you all! Maybe you heard about Garfunkel. It’s a Simon clone that I’m writing (so slowly…). Now, I need a help with sounds. Do someone help?

I need these sounds:

  • A (red, upper right, frequency=110Hz);
  • A (green, upper left, an octave higher than the upper right);
  • D (blue, lower right, a perfect fourth higher than the upper right);
  • G (yellow, lower left, a perfect fourth higher than the lower right).

All the sounds must have 2 versions: a duration of 300 miliseconds and another with 400 miliseconds.

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10 Responses to “Garfunkel in need of sounds.”

  1. Baz says:
    make wfct
    wfct 110Hz 300ms > A110-300.wav
    wfct 110Hz 400ms > A110-400.wav

    Does it have to use exactly those tones? Might be more interesting to try something new. This sound generator sees a lot of use in the games created over at tigsource:

  2. Mukund says:

    If it’s a simple sine wave you’re looking for, you should be able to write a small program easily using libsndfile to generate these tones.

    Also, audio editors such as Audacity have a tone generator which can also be used to generate these tones.

  3. Neil Roberts says:

    You could try generating wav files for these sounds with sox:

    for duration in 0.3 0.4; do
    for pitch in 110 220 147 196 ; do
    sox -n garfunkel-$pitch-$duration.wav synth $duration sine $pitch;

  4. brunobol says:

    I tried many ways, but always I hear a pop when the sound starts adn again when it ends (using gstreamer). Testing gnome-games (from where I copy the sound play code) I hear no pops.

  5. I have a crazy idea: my housemate is a violinist and I could ask him to play these sounds for these lengths, maybe? Unlikely to get exactly 300ms or whatever though.

  6. Further thought:

    There could be a set of different sounds and the user could choose one, like the sets of different spheres in same-gnome

  7. brunobol says:

    @Thomas: Great idea! Can you do it for me? Sets of different instruments would be great!

  8. iain says:

    two different types of sound
    I can produce more if needed. All normalized to the same level
    Making sounds in 300ms and 400ms that sound good is pretty tricky
    So I ignored that, and the difference in 100ms of sound is barely noticable.

  9. Davyd says:

    @thomas: that’s what a sound editor is for

  10. brunobol says:

    @iain: Thank you so much!