Accounts for Membership Committee

Dear Accounts Team / Sysadmin members,

As a new member of the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee, I’d like to ask your help about some tickets of accounts’ queue. We need you to process the tickets #4068, #4069 (by Luciana) and #4354 (by Fernando). Luciana and Fernando can’t do the Membership Committee work without their accounts. Maybe some (or all) tickets already been processed, so we need password reset for them.

Also, I’d like to be part of Accounts Team too. If it’s possible, what I need to do?

Thanks a lot!!!

Upcoming elections

In times of Board elections, it’s a common task of Membership Committee (I’m part of the team now!!) elaborate some questions for the candidates. November 18th (announce of the candidates) is the date which the Committee will post the questions on Planet GNOME and*

I hope the debate will be very interesting this year, with some controversial topics.

Thanks Baris Cicek and Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay for being very receptive!

* why I can’t write posts with links on this blog using Drivel?