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I swear I tried asking on IRC, but it seems everyone was away. That’s my question. I’m using gtk+3 and pygobject built using jhbuild. How to get the gtk3 theme working properly? It looks like this:

gtk3 theme ugly

Any tips?

Update: To explain it correctly: I’m running Debian testing and I have gtk+ an pygobject built from sources with jhbuild (just to learn pygtk/pygobject differences). I’ve already built gnome-themes-standard too, but it doesn’t work. The only progress I have was to get Cantarell fonts with the same “no-theme” gtk+.


Update 2 (solved): Many thanks to Benjamin Otte.

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  1. gnome-tweak-tool, and set theme as adwaita
    or set this in gsettings from console

  2. To get the Adwaita theme, jhbuild buildone gnome-themes-standard. Generally, GTK reads theme files from $PREFIX/share/themes/$THEME_NAME/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

  3. I think you need gnome-themes-standard to get Adwaita.

    I have Gnome Shell built with jhbuild under Ubuntu 10.10 / 11.4. It built gnome-themes-standard, but Adwaita was installed under ~/gnome-shell/install/share/themes, so I copied it to /user/share/themes/ and got it working. This worked for me. Hope it helps.

  4. Só agora reparei que não havia necessidade de ter respondido em inglês. Ainda por cima o meu inglês é fraquinho. 😀

  5. The most reliable way I found (maybe there is another way, I would be interested to know), is to write a very small gtk+ module that simply overrides the gtk setting for the theme (gtk-theme-name) using gtk_settings_set_string_property.

  6. gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme


    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme ‘Adwaita’

    Off course you need the Adwaita gtk3 theme 🙂

  7. 1) You need to set “Adwaita” as your GTK theme if you are running a gnome desktop.
    2) You need gnome-themes-standard installed in your jhbuild.
    3) You need librsvg installed in your jhbuild.

    With that, it should work. If not, it should at least print an error to stderr.

    PS: The default theme is awesome!

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