Foundation elections: let’s start the debate!

As a new member of Membership Committee, I have the pleasure to announce the set of questions for the GNOME Foundation Board candidates. Let’s go!

  1. How much impact would being a member of the GNOME Foundation Board have on your current contributions to GNOME?
  2. Online Desktop and Services are being talked about as the next large step in GNOME – what is your vision for Online Desktop and Services and how would you measure them?
  3. What are the SMART goals that you desire to set for yourself should you be elected to the Board?
  4. If you were part of the GNOME Board last year and a candidate again, what would you like to put as your achievements as a Board member?
    If you are a candidate for the first time, what are the areas that you think you can do better?
  5. Do you think it is important to mentor and coach potential leaders in the GNOME community? If yes, what do you think the role of the Board be in this task? If no, what are your thoughts on this?
  6. Some of the tasks of a Board Member are mundane administrative tasks, are you comfortable taking on such tasks as opposed to being always involved in strategic and visionary thinking?
  7. What or which according to you, is the one “tipping point” move for GNOME in the coming year?
  8. What do you think is the most important item on the Board’s agenda right now? What will you do more or better than the previous boards in that aspect?
  9. What is your positioning with respect to the issue of OOXML?
  10. Why do you think we need a GNOME Foundation?

I hope we’ll have a great debate!

UPDATE: these questions can be found at foundation-list too.