Garfunkel in need of sounds.

Hello you all! Maybe you heard about Garfunkel. It’s a Simon clone that I’m writing (so slowly…). Now, I need a help with sounds. Do someone help?

I need these sounds:

  • A (red, upper right, frequency=110Hz);
  • A (green, upper left, an octave higher than the upper right);
  • D (blue, lower right, a perfect fourth higher than the upper right);
  • G (yellow, lower left, a perfect fourth higher than the lower right).

All the sounds must have 2 versions: a duration of 300 miliseconds and another with 400 miliseconds.

And the name is…

Hello you all! Thanks for comments on my previous post. I’m a very encouraged artist now. 🙂

I’ve selected the best name for the Simon clone: Garfunkel. Thanks to Christian Sasso, who suggested the name. Do you like it?


For those who wants the SVG, checkout it from the gnome-edu module at GNOME Subversion repository.

I’m working (slowly, because I have not many time) on the code and I’ll release it as soon as possible.

Dear Masters of the Coding Art,

What is the best way to draw the SVG (please keep in mind I’m writing a game) into the widget? Using LibRSVG and GdkPixbuf (as in Monkey-Bubble) or using rsvg_handle_render_cairo? Thanks for your very welcome help.