About renewing membership on GNOME Foundation.

First of all, being part of GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee is a work that no much people wants to do. The biggest cause of this is that our work is sometimes not observed and recognized.

As part of Membership Committee since 2008, I was always confuse with our “renew” process. Always wondered why it was that way, but I would not change by myself (there was a time I was alone in the committee, because no one wanted to help).

I have some thoughts about this:

1. Excluding people who have contributed in the past is something rude, really. It’s do not give value the contributions made by that person. The contribution made by that person helped GNOME to get where we are today.

2. Renew application every two years is so much boring.

Thinking this way, the best thing to do is abolish the renew process. But we must be careful about who can vote and determine the direction of the project. That’s my opinion, but we have ~350 members. We need to take the decision together.

I agree that our policy is not ideal, but the rules and timeline (considering that we are using our “not ideal” policy”) was clear for everyone since the elections announce. What *WE ALL* need is to worry a little bit more with our bureaucratic things.

And the name is…

Hello you all! Thanks for comments on my previous post. I’m a very encouraged artist now. 🙂

I’ve selected the best name for the Simon clone: Garfunkel. Thanks to Christian Sasso, who suggested the name. Do you like it?


For those who wants the SVG, checkout it from the gnome-edu module at GNOME Subversion repository.

I’m working (slowly, because I have not many time) on the code and I’ll release it as soon as possible.

Dear Masters of the Coding Art,

What is the best way to draw the SVG (please keep in mind I’m writing a game) into the widget? Using LibRSVG and GdkPixbuf (as in Monkey-Bubble) or using rsvg_handle_render_cairo? Thanks for your very welcome help.

Another name for GSimon

The new (temp) name of GSimon is Genius. I’m still checking for legal issues related to this name, but I think is a good name for a Simon clone.

Also, I left the direct drawing on Cairo to use librsvg (which can bring up different themes for the game). I’m not a good artist, so what you think about the default theme?


Comments are very welcome. I need an icon for Genius too.