3 thoughts on “The Story of Stuff”

  1. Thanks for sharing, that’s a really neat presentation. I was a little disappointed with the over-simplification of many parts, and also the clear bias. I feel like it could do a better job reaching people if it wasn’t as extreme about some things, as there is a lot of really good content in there.

    Bad stuff: “everything is toxic”, “chemicals are scary”, “my research found that computers are only different in this one little place”, over-simplified statistics. This hurts her credibility and probably alienates many people who should watch this.

    Good stuff: history of consumerism, effect on third-world countries (especially people basically forced to work in factories, etc), psychology of consumption cycle, relationship between us, the government, the corporations, and the economy.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  2. Or, just accept that every species, environment, planet and galaxy has a finite lifespan, so let’s just enjoy it while we’re here rather than worrying about how to preserve it. Because ultimately, we just can’t.

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