The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee needs you!

Hey, comrades!

As most of you know, the MC is the team responsible for deciding on the inclusion of new members in the GNOME Foundation.

Recently, we had some difficult moments, and few people to do the work. Talking about it with Diego (dieguito), we decided to make this call for volunteers.

If you have free time (only a few minutes per day) and are willing to help, read about the work we do in and feel welcome to send me a mail (brunobol at gnome dot org) with a brief story about you and your relation with GNOME. Membership Committee is not a big team (5 people), but we have a great responsibility.

The requirements to be part of the Membership Committee are:

  • be a GNOME lover;
  • have some free time;
  • be a member of the GNOME Foundation.

We need you!

3 Responses to “The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee needs you!”

  1. […] If you are a GNOME Foundation member and want to learn some ninja skills and get free beers at GUADEC, consider joining the membership committee. That good guy named Bruno (I’ve heard he lives in Brasil) made a call for volunteers just today. […]

  2. Baishampayan Ghose says:

    Long time GNOME user and some times contributor here. Any way to help if you are not a member of the GNOME foundation?

  3. Ben says:

    I love Gnome, I have time to spare – but my membership is still pending.. ;-)
    Really, I wish you guys all the best. I’m sure the responsibilty is hard. Thanks a lot for your work.