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a guide to writing git commit messages

The GOPW application period is coming to a close soon, and so potential interns are currently getting their initial contribution in to qualify. Obviously the nicest way to submit your patch is as a commit, or series of commits using … Continue reading

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gnome-terminal menubar issue in Ubuntu 11.10

I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 today, which seems to have done a nice enough job of integrating GNOME 3.2, but I was instantly driven mad by all of my GNOME Terminals showing their menubars, in what appeared to be direct … Continue reading

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Finding redundant GObject classes in Empathy

As part of a bugfix I did today1, I made a commit to remove a redundant class from Empathy, which made me wonder if there were any other redundant classes in Empathy. A quick grep of G_DEFINE_ told me there … Continue reading

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Finding Ada — Chandni Verma and Tiffany Antopolski

October 7th is Ada Lovelace Day. A day that showcases women in science and technology by profiling a woman technologist or scientist on your blog. This year I wanted to write about two women who I’ve met and worked with … Continue reading

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