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Empathy master ported to GSettings

GLib 2.25.9 just came out, which included a GSettings bugfix I needed, so I’ve just merged the GSettings port branch I wrote for Empathy into master. Unfortunately this does not come with a fancy screenshot. It uses the DConf backend … Continue reading

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empathy: the future's gonna be awesome

So we've been doing a bit of work on Empathy lately (but too late for GNOME 2.30 I'm afraid), and trying out some crazy new ideas. One of these Favourite Contacts. You can now mark contacts in your contact list … Continue reading

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GTK+ client-side-windows and threading

Some people (including me) had noticed that recent Empathy's video calling was breaking with recent GTK+ builds. Some people (not including me) were smart enough to work out the bug was related to client-side-windows. In CSW-enabled GTK+, calls to GDK_WINDOW_XID() … Continue reading

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